LOLLI. if you ever speak to me in spanish, please use the formal "usted". in an unhealthy relationship with tv. do not talk to me about the good wife unless u are prepared for me to never shut up.

"Margulies played Fantasy Alicia perfectly. She captured Will’s projection and his desire to see her vulnerable. Eyes filled with unshed tears… The reality of Alicia (in a much more sensible, dark suit) is that she has steel in her spine. Will thought he could anticipate her response (the titular “Decision Tree”), but she outmaneuvered and not only anticipated his questions but implicated David Lee and L/G while she was at it." (x)

 the good wife  alicia florrick  will gardner  julianna margulies  my poop  mptgw  this episode is still all i wanna talk about w h o o p s  gonna vomit in the tags real quick here we go  i've seen a good amount of complaining about this (mainly will's imagined questioning) and i just ?????????  how can you not appreciate how great this/it is like????????  like his head obvs isnt a great place rn  and who knows if hes always had this image of her or if its just changing now  but the image he has of her made him forget how good she is and he was actually surprised it didnt play out how he thought  like l o l dude u wish pls shes in warrior princess mode she aint got time 4 it  and the way i see it his imagined questioning was basically a conversation w/ himself  so the 'i loved you' were his own feelings reflected from her  and he was already emotional when his imagined alicia was too so the 'i dont like it when ur weak' was more to himself i would say  this is all over the place but the pointis HE HAS THIS IDEA OF HER THAT IS V WRONG AND WILL/IS STARTING TO BITE HIM IN THE ASS  AND ALSO when they were both recalling the meeting w/ walter (cant remember his name whoops)  his recolection was different from hers (what she was wearing etc.)  and that maks you wonder how much of what he called was right u feel (specifically the 'this is the happiest i;ve ever been)  I'LL STOP NOW IM SORRY I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW/EPISODE BYE  what if i could actually color this show  also im usually like whatevs about vulture idk why but that was mostly good  its 3am i need to not rn jfc 
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    Juliana Margulies is a flawless creature. That’s all I have to add here.
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    This is why TGW wins at everything. In a Will-centric episode that was obviously supposed to showcase Josh Charles, the...
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