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{and in the end when life has got you down, you’ve got someone here you can wrap your arms around} 

yo this shitty but kinda okay mellie/oliva fic was prompted by maddie tumblr user grantmellie aight please let me know what you think peace n blessins

The insistent beeping of the machines monitoring her vital organs was wearing her patience thin. Cancer be damned, Mellie Grant wasn’t one to sit idly by as her life literally withered away.  Other than her now labored breathing, that beeping was the only sound in the ridiculously white room. Just as she was about to attempt standing, a stern nurse walked by the window and made it known, with a perfectly arched eyebrow, that even thinking about that was a bad idea.

Heaving out a short breath, Mellie readjusted herself to face the door. It was three am, what the hell was she doing awake anyway? It’s not like anybody was going to visit, three in the morning or not.

Before she could even finish the thought, the door very slowly, almost hesitantly creaked open, revealing a haggard looking Olivia Pope.

Mellie was surprised, to say the least, as Olivia walked around to the other side of the bed and set her things down. Sure, she and the other woman had become close since the divorce had been finalized a year ago, but she hadn’t realized it was a “three am hospital visits” kind of close.

With her back now to her, she could only hear Olivia’s breathing and feel her eyes boring holes into her back. Realizing that she probably thought she was sleeping, Mellie kept very still (why, she doesn’t know).

Before she knew what was going on, a small, warm hand began making its way up and down the now protruding ridges of her spine. Where this seemingly sudden affection was coming from, she had no idea; but she wasn’t about to start complaining. She longed for it.

“I know you’re awake, Mellie.”

Not bothering to fight it, she slowly turned herself over to face the other woman.

“What are you doing here?” She kept her voice at a low whisper, scared that anything louder would shatter the calm of the moment.

“A very dear friend of mine has been in the hospital for days on end, where else would I be?”

Without her consent, a few tears escaped her now much duller eyes. Apparently, slowly dying really did a number to your once very controlled emotions. Olivia said nothing about the suddenly shed tears, simply wiped them away for her and pulled up a chair as close as she could get to the bed.

After talking for hours about everything and nothing at all, Mellie eventually drifted off, Olivia’s smaller hand clasped in her own, a miniscule smile on her lips.

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