LOLLI. if you ever speak to me in spanish, please use the formal "usted". in an unhealthy relationship with tv. do not talk to me about the good wife unless u are prepared for me to never shut up.

She started insisting people address her as Mellie at the ripe age of twenty one.

Melody was the adorable little girl with big, bright eyes the color of a cloudless sky.

She was the only person her father ever really showed affection to, the person her grandmother doted over when her mother was too lost in her own little bubble to (which was almost always). She was the kindergartner that got away with anything and everything because, really, nobody could resist those big baby blues and toothless smile. 

Melody Grace didn’t have many friends. Her fellow classmates seemed to be scared off by the sixteen year old beauty and fierce intellect that was already so sure of her place in the world. Sure, teachers loved her and she was most likely to be valedictorian when the time came, but she ate lunch alone on a daily basis.

Mellie is the strong, now completely independent woman with eyes whose once bright shine is obscured by hurt and loss. 

Mellie is the steadfast First Lady of the United States, the almost scarily ambitious Harvard Law student. She is the woman that lost all three people that ever really cared about her in the short span of a year. Mother, father, grandmother; gone in that exact order, all within months of each other. The only reason she survived that was the fact that there was actually someone there for a change. Fitz. He was the one that helped Mellie keep Melody in a dark corner of herself that rarely ever sees the light. He created Mellie as much as she created President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.

She’s grateful for that, really. Melody doesn’t need to be around when Mellie agrees to election rigging, fakes a miscarriage, and turns a blind eye to her husband blatantly having an affair. Melody wouldn’t be able to live with the mess her life turned into. Mellie understands everything that’s at stake and takes constant deep breaths to keep Melody tucked away in that deep, dark corner.

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